The team

Kirill Kazakov

Business economist in foreign trade

Irina Chirkina

Product manager, shop manager

Valery Dorokholsky

Backend & Database Developer

PHP, MySQL, JS, Yii2, Symfony4, WordPress, Composer, Git, REST

Daniil Ryaguzov

Frontend developer & web designer

html, css, sass, scss,
bootstrap 4, flexbox, css grid
js, jquery, WordPress, JTL Shop

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Figma

Marketing is a service provider for sales

Marketing is there for the Sales is easyso that the Sales is successful and thus about sales Money into the company comes in. So it is our job to sales, especially to Online sales, to support with technologies, as well as with text and images and, if necessary, whole Build business areas and to to lead.

Before any marketing activity, the following must be systematically defined:

1. What for? 

What is the goal of my marketing activity?

- What am I doing this or that website for?

- Why am I doing this or that online marketing campaign?

The answer to the “what for”, ie the goal of a marketing activity measurable be and outside of marketing itself lie.

For example:
We would like to increase the number of inquiries in the first quarter by 20% compared to the previous year.


2. To whom?

Who is my marketing activity for?

Nowadays it makes less and less sense to define a rigid customer group, e.g. female, from 18-27 years. Instead, the so-called comes Buyer persona for use. A customer profile with detailed information such as gender, place of residence, marital status, age, job, income, children, interests & hobbies, wishes & needs, problems etc.


3. What?

Which advertising message should be communicated to the customer so that he buys. When formulating and designing the advertising message, the question should be:

“What should the buyer persona do once it comes into contact with the marketing activity?”

The most important decision criteria when buying are often the answers to the wishes, needs and problems of the buyer persona. It is preferable to apply best practice, which has already worked for others.


4. How?

Which channels should the message “3. What? ”To the Buyer Persona“ 2. For whom?"

The numerous disciplines of today's marketing

  • Market analysis | Business administration / economics
    • eg investment analysis

  • Behavior of people | Sociology / Psychology
    • eg buying behavior and decision making at the point of sale

  • Image | Design / art / direction
    • e.g. product design

  • Text | Philology / journalism
    • Eg formulating the right wording

  • Digital | development
    • eg online shop development

  • Management | Marketing management / management (business administration)
    • Understanding in all areas to lead a project holistically.