VMS Building renovation

Logo design, corporate identity, company website

The new name

a clear focus

Originally the company called "company VMS" and / or "VMS-Bau". These names did not give the market a clear position. Together with the customer, we decided to narrow down and rename the company in its niche.

Internal communication to employees

The three letters "VMS" stand for the initials of the managing director and owner, as well as those of his wife. Within the company, this is a clear sign to the employees, as well as to the customers, who can interpret the letter combination that the owner personally takes responsibility for the quality of the construction projects carried out.

External communication to the market

The word "BAUSANIERUNG" positions the company clearly on the market. At the same time, the niche is very extensive, so that the company does not fear that due to its positioning, it will not appeal to large parts of the market (such as in the case of "VMS Dachdecker" or "VMS-Maurer" etc.).

Web site:

Logo (re) design

with a new slogan

Inspiration and industry research

For a visually correct brand, you should carefully study the industry in which the company is located. It is necessary to highlight the advantages of the company and bring it up visually in the logo. The task is to bring understanding, harmony and beauty that any potential client of the company will understand.

Logo concept

Logo version

Colors version

Brand color palette

Corporate font

Positioning content

Identity design

visit card design

Truck design

Passenger car design

style guide design

The new website

  • The name is easy to remember
  • Informative, tidy and clear
  • Functional
  • Secure against hacker attacks and spam
  • Legally compliant texts and formulations
  • Professional domain and web space hosting at Hetzner Online GmbH
Company website


reliable IT with Google and Cisco

G Suite for Gmail, Cluod, Docs, tables, and much more

  • Professional appearance through company email addresses for all employees "@vms-bau.de "
  • Effective spam protection from Google
  • Convenient use through the Gmail app
  • Maximum performance and accessibility through Google Server
  • Google Drive Cloud for storing and exchanging files
  • Google Office software included
  • economical
G Suite

Placetel as a telephone system

  • Landline numbers can be forwarded as required
  • Own landline numbers for employees
  • No fixed costs. Only the call times are billed.

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